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E-logistics are those activities that ensure that consumers get what they need: at the right time, at the right place and at minimum cost to the owner providing the client service. Historically e-commerce has faced many challenges in this regard.Our solution is designed to ensure that your information is captured correctly (accuracy), processed promptly (financial turnaround), and effectively (at the lowest cost).

Virtualscape's Hustl application can be deployed on ruggedised handheld devices or everyday smart devices. It can be integrated into your business operations either by standalone application, through existing ERP infrastructure integration, or as part of the Pintl solution for a full end to end approach.

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Activity Based Operations

Hustl allows users to capture and collect digital photos, customer signatures, scanned data, location tagging, and data and time event stamping – on site.For activity-based operation, Hustl offers clients a routing and scheduling solution module, which ranks as one of the top two solutions in the world today! It offers a dynamic job management, dispatching and processing solution, and is designed to provide companies with an automated, end-to-end, real time offering that includes the necessary tools to manage on-the-field activities (jobs) in a more cost effective and efficient manner.

Hustl is based on leading edge technology and open standard architecture, which has matured over the last 15 years and has receiving substantial investment from key role players. The design also allows for easy integration into third party systems without you having to buy a full suite of products for this powerful function.

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Cost Reduction

Job scheduling tools have been designed specifically to reduce a company’s cost, and include route optimisation, real-time communication, on-site credit card payments, scheduled reports and back-office integration.

Deployed Verticals

Additionally, Hustl’s “Routing & Scheduling” tool allows you to optimise your operational activities based on the way you would like to work. It provides you with a mechanism that will take as input a list of activities and, based on your business rules, generate a series of optimised routes linked to an interactive schedule. The solutions’s communications capability ensures that your clients are also kept in the loop. This results in a cost reduction owing to staff requirements, operational expenses and a faster turnaround time from invoice to payment.

Applications of this tool are especially suited for transport and logistics suppliers, postal and courier companies, field service engineers and technicians, roadside assistance, and E-POD and E-POS providers.

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